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A quality classic car restoration is a commitment between vehicle owner and shop staff. Together we can produce outstanding results and outstanding vehicles. CFC is committed to offering only the best materials and efforts as our part of your restoration service. There are no short-cuts to a quality finish. All vehicles must be stripped completely at the start of the job. Every single part of the vehicle must be taken off - glass, interior, motor/trans, wiring harnesses, all removable body panels, trim, EVERYTHING! Parts are labeled and assessed to see if they can be reused - usually not. Once all parts are off the vehicle all sub-assemblies must be taken apart - window regulators, door latches, trunk latches, etc.  Bodies must be separated from the frame. Frames are stripped to bare, including all suspension, gas lines, brake lines, etc. Frames and bodies are then stripped either chemically, mechanical sanding, sandblasting - depending on the actual part itself. All parts are then put into an epoxy primer prior to panel/metal replacement. All replacement parts themselves are stripped and epoxied to our specs before installation. Once an installation is finished any bare metal showing is epoxied again. All our metal work is fully butt-welded so that upon completion there is no way to detect a repair has been performed. This is very critical to the overall appearance of the end result. We use a rotisserie where applicable - but not in all situations as some vehicles can be damaged by a rotisserie if if the car is not structurally sound to begin with. In those instances we perform the metal work with the vehicle firmly supported on the ground with jack stands, blocks, etc. Once we feel the car is structurally sound it can be loaded on the rotisserie for sandblasting, priming, etc.  We use tram gauges and center line gauges to make sure frames are true and square. Once those issues, if any, are resolved we mate the frame and body back together with all new body mount bushings, core support bushings, etc. Then we hang all exterior body panels back on car and go through a whole complete body alignment procedure.  Hoods, doors, deck lids, fenders, core supports are all set up for proper gap alignment. We try very hard at this phase to eliminate stack tolerances and shim packages as much as possible. Once we feel that we have done all we can do with alignment we assess the next step. In some cases we have to weld metal/rods on door/fender edges to gain the proper gap clearances. Once we like the gaps and all metal work is done then we start filler work. This is a very critical part of the procedure. The filler gives us the ability to blend body panels into each other so that the vehicle looks as if it was carved from a single piece of steel. It also helps in taking out any minor imperfections in the body panels themselves. Once all filler work is done all filler areas are coated with epoxy again. Once that is done the whole car exterior is primered with a polyester surfacer and block sanding begins.  The car is blocked and primed until we are completely satisfied with the look of the car. Then any bare metal spots are re-epoxied prior to urethane priming. Urethane primers are blocked down with finer grits of sandpaper prior to sealing and painting. At this point all body panels are align drilled and marked  prior to removal so that the car goes back together exactly as we intended it.  Once all panels are removed, we perform any body work on the backside, edges, underneath, etc. Now we're ready for the paint process. We have two different paint processes we use. First if the car has no artwork, graphics or two-tone it is basically ready to be painted at this point. All body panels are prepped both sides; sealed, base coat, clear coat. If there is artwork, graphics, two-tone or candy job the car will be re-assembled and all paint work and graphics put on vehicle first. Once that is complete, all body panels are taken off the car. At this point the exterior panels are taped off to not damage any artwork/graphics. Now we can paint the backsides, door jams, etc. Once that is done parts are un-taped and clear coated completely front and back. The key here is all vehicles are painted/clear coated apart so there are no tape lines visible anywhere. At this point after proper cure time we wet sand and buff all paint work and start the re-assembly process.

CFC also does complete motor/trans packages as well as suspension and handling upgrades. We can build any motor package from mild to wild, depending on what the customer wants. We can also upgrade any suspension to the customers specs. This is very critical when building horsepower because stock suspensions and brake packages cannot handle all the power modern engines are capable of producing. Safety is a major concern along with reliability. We use properly engineered parts from quality manufacturers with proven track records. Of course all of this is gone over in detail in the initial phase of the job so any modifications needed are performed to frame, body, etc. before the painting phase of the vehicle.

Some examples are; four link suspensions, coil-overs, updated independent front suspensions, narrowed rear ends, four-wheel disc brakes, power disc brake upgrades.

All vehicles are re-assembled carefully using all new weather strips, seals, bolt packages, etc.

We use Glasurit Automotive finishes. We are a warranty facility which means we can offer lifetime warranties on our paint work. This warranty is good nation-wide, not just at our facility.

We listen very carefully to our customers to ensure the end result is exactly what the customer wants. We are the best at what we do and welcome the chance to prove it. 
If you have questions about the restoration of your classic or show car project and would like more information, please call us direct at 407 290-2300.




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