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Many shops toss around words like "Show Quality", "Award Winning", "Custom Work", etc. What do those terms really mean?

Custom paint work has a standard set of procedures that must be strictly adhered to. Custom paint can entail artwork, graphics, flames, two-tones, fades, or one single color. Custom paint is all about cleanliness, preparation of vehicle and parts, proper application of chemicals and paint related materials. Without a thorough knowledge of application techniques and procedures of the selected paint manufacturers system most paint jobs are doomed to eventual failure. Central Florida Customs is a certified Glasurit Paint Shop which means we are up to date on chemical selection and application of the Glasurit paint system and that our air system, knowledge of product and application has met a strict set of guidelines. In addition, we are required to attend containing classes related to the application and enhancements to the Glasurit system.

Custom paint work starts long before loading the spray gun and walking in the paint booth. Custom paint work is knowing exactly what the finish product will look like before even starting. This all relates back to the metal and body work, because if they are not right all the shiny paint in the world doesn't matter! Air quality, proper spraying, pressure and gun techniques are critical. We have a strict application process that is followed every single time which ensures all paint work and results are the same every time - every job! No excuses! No exceptions!

After all art work and graphics if any, the paint colors are laid down, all panels, parts and bodies are clear coated with a minimum of 3 coats of high solid clear. If there is extensive artwork or graphics and pin stripping involved we wet sand down vehicle or parts and re-clear so that all is buried under clear and cannot be felt on surfaces. This ensures there is plenty of clear left on the vehicle for superior sun fade protection and longevity of work. This is critical to the overall performance of any paint system. Clear coats are manufactured with UV inhibitors and must maintain a minimum dry film thickness to be effective. Base coats do not have this and rely on clear coat for protection and shine. We do not endorse lacquer paint as this system is antiqued, has no ability to resist sun fade, is very susceptible to airborne fallout and no chemical resistance. Modern paint systems resist these issues and perform as expected repeatedly.

When all painting and clear coating is finalized, we like to let the surfaces cure for a period of time before wet sanding and buffing operations. We start at 1000 grit and go through 3000 grit prior to buffing. We buff out all paint work to a rich, deep mirror finish! After this operation, reassembly and detailing begins. All of our paint work has a deep luxurious shine, no orange peel and the depth of image is awesome.

If you have questions about the painting of your classic or show car project and would like more information, please call us direct at 407 290-2300.




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