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At Central Florida Customs we understand how to properly set up high performance engine and drive train combinations. Many factors are involved in this phase of a project starting with understanding how the customer expects the vehicle to perform. Performance and reliability should be the first concern. Too often  customers are influenced by horsepower and torque numbers. Customers have to be realistic with their approach to drive train combinations. Knowing how the vehicle will be used helps us determine what you need. If the vehicle will be used mainly for street driving, you do not need to waste money on exotic parts and combos as you will likely never see the benefit. Remember most high horsepower engines make peak power above 5000 RPM. How many times are you going to see that RPM in stoplight to stoplight afternoon traffic? Be realistic with your goals!

Competition and "hot" street engines are built with the understanding that you give up some "streetability" to see the intended benefit. Full competition engines will not perform in a street environment, nor will they live very long!

Rear end and transmission gearing greatly affect performance. Overdrive transmissions allow you to run bigger rear gears in a street environment such as 3:70-1 ratio and up. 4 speed street cars should stay around 3:50-1 ratio. Remember, if you want to take a cruise to the beach, on the interstate at 65 MPH, a vehicle with bigger gears will be screaming at highway speeds compared to a numerically lower gear set. This causes undue wear and tear on parts, generates more heat and vibration and generally makes for an uncomfortable experience. Competition engines have to be built with more extreme-duty parts to live in their environment. Crankshafts, rods, pistons and blocks have to be carefully selected for your particular application. Heads and valve train have to be matched for a specific purpose whether street or competition.

We understand that there is a lot of confusion in this area and Central Florida Customs is here to help you get the most benefit for your application whether street engines or all out drag race combinations. We have the knowledge and experience to guide you through this decision making process ensuring the end result is a satisfied customer whose vehicle performs as intended - consistently! Don't forget the old saying, "Speed is a question of money - How fast do you really need to go?!"

If you have engine or drive train questions about your classic, muscle or show car project and would like more information, please call us direct at 407 290-2300.




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